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GHG Reporting

As we understand non-Annex I Parties are expected to report their first Biannual Update Reports (BUR) by the end of 2014 with exceptions for Small island developing States (SIDS) and least developed countries (LDCs) who can report at their discretion (but could, with available funds and expertise also meet this timeline)1.

We see that there is a core activity on GHG inventories and mitigation that is critically important for both BUR and National Communications (NC). This work should ideally be consistent and maintained as an ongoing programme for maximum efficiency and credibility. We believe that BUR and NC inventory and mitigation work could be combined and focussed on the development of a strong, sustainable (e.g. regularly updated) national inventory with emission projection scenarios that take account of mitigation activities.

Many countries, facing this reporting requirement, might have limited budgets available2. They will aim at responding with the highest quality possible within such a budget. It is our explicit aim to make our team's expertise and experience, collected over many years of working on all aspects relevant to inventory compilation, reporting and review, available to countries planning to prepare their BUR and next NC.

General approach

Our philosophy in this is: "keep it as simple as possible", using whatever is already available in the country as a starting point. Since both BUR and NC reporting are recurrent activities, there is plenty of possibilities to improve the inventories used in both the BUR and the NC over time. Even more so: as soon as a country has a first estimate of its emissions, how provisional or how preliminary it might be, it will always help you to prioritise improvements. By doing so the inventory management process takes full advantage of the fact that indeed the system is recurrent and allows for "recalculations" in every subsequent cycle.

When developing your inventory, you will most probably have many technical and procedural questions, where the views and solutions experienced inventory experts might help you to solve or overcome. With this «draft» discussion forum we will provide you direct and easy access to a broad team of very experienced inventory compilers and reviewers from all over the world «At present we are building this team». Experts associated with this forum will appear as members of the site along with the site's users: national teams and team members that are preparing BUR and or NC inventories.

This site is still under development and working without any external budgets. Therefore participation of both our team of experts and of users is fully voluntary. Depending on the success and development of this forum, we might need to find some supporting budget that will enable us to keep this forum alive and active.

This Forum

Against this back ground, this forum is a «voluntary» and informal podium to exchange understanding, knolwdge and advice that will or could be of help to national teams that compile their inventories for either their next BUR or NC or both.

Structure of the forum

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Consolidated reference guidance

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How to use this forum

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