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This forum and wiki has been created and is managed by Aether using wikidot forums. Contact moc.ku-rehtea|niwdoog.nitsuj#moc.ku-rehtea|niwdoog.nitsuj . It is currently a prototype with example posts

GHG data management and national inventory forum:

This forum is designed to support GHG data management and national emission estimation (including those for mitigation and projection activitiess) in non Annex I Parties for nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMAs), Market Readiness, Biennial Reporting (BUR) and National Communications (NC).

Our goals:

Our goals are to:

  • Foster mutual learning between peers through the establishment of a technical focal point for resolving GHG data management, national systems and GHG estimation and mitigation analysis issues.
  • Establish a shared mitigation-related knowledge base within a technical non political community of annex I and non Annex I GHG inventory practitioners sharing hands on experiences and solutions for compiling GHG estimates and assessing mitigation options (for NAMAs).
  • Identify best practices and improving the quality of GHG estimates to support decision makers and provide a clear basis for management of GHG emissions.
  • Compliment existing IPCC and other guidance on GHG compilation and understanding of mitigation potentials with practical support and solutions based on experience of using and applying existing guidance. We hope that this material will also be a valuable resource for developing future guidance.
  • Disseminate lessons learnt and the development of source material (case studies and network of experts) contributing to developing new guidance supplements and future compilation guidance for GHGs.
  • Helping to deliver robust and pragmatic MRV solutions.

The focus is for a system that supports building of trust, capacity and expertise, allowing countries to find nationally appropriate solutions.

Our Network:

This forum brings together an existing strong network of trained UNFCCC review experts in Annex I and non Annex I Parties. We already have a lot of interest from supporting experts in Countries including India, China, Philippines, Ghana, Sudan, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, South Africa, Korea, Ukraine and Egypt as well as from a number of Annex I Parties.

Through this forum we aim to provide direct and easy access to a broad team of very experienced national inventory compilers, reviewers and GHG data management experts from all over the world (see map below).

Our Team:

Our team's expertise and experience has been collected over many years of working on all aspects relevant GHG data management (including inventory compilation, reporting and review and trading systems) and NAMAs and NAMA related data collection activities. Our team covers a group of experts with wide ranging experience from annex I and non annex I countries that know each other and have worked together before.

This Forum:

On this forum you can search for posts and discussions on issues relating to compilation, reporting and review of national greenhouse gas emissions. You can start new posts, and take part in active discussions. You can bookmark this site and visit for updates, or you can watch the site, sections, or threads via email notifications by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.

Go to the Forum to search and contribute to questions and answers
Go to our wiki for more detailed and structured guidance on hot topics (some of this material will be derived out of useful threads in the forum)

A user manual for using this site can be found [http://ghg-inventory-quick.wikidot.com/docs:using-this-community-site


GHG data management, inventories and data on mitigation potentials and monitoring/benchmarking achievements are an important foundation for participation in the UNFCCC and Climate Change agenda. GHG data management underpins Market Readiness activities, Biennial Update Reports (BUR) and National Communications (NC) reporting. GHG data management also provides the basis for analysis of internal progress and the development of cost effective mitigation options (including NAMA’s). National Inventories are a common tool that can be maintained as on-going programme delivering to all of the above requirements. By combining resources for Market Readiness, BUR, NAMA’s and NCs, inventory and mitigation work we can focus on the development of a strong, sustainable (e.g. regularly updated) national inventory and related GHG data products.

As we understand non-Annex I Parties are expected to report their first Biennial Update Reports (BUR) by the end of 2014 with exceptions for Small island developing States (SIDS) and least developed countries (LDCs) who can report at their discretion (but could, with available funds and expertise also meet this timeline)1.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License

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